Leaves design patterns

Leaves design patterns

Perhaps one of the most obvious places to find knitting inspiration is the great outdoors. With winter in full swing, it's nice to treat your eyes to nature-inspired stitches like these leaf knitting patterns. These leaf knitting patterns are not projects shaped like leaves; rather, they're lace stitches designed to incorporate leaves into everything from scarves to shawls, sweaters and even socks.

Not a fan of green? No problem. These leaf knitting patterns can be any color you'd like. Check out how our Bluprint designers interpret one of nature's most inspiring elements.

If you like the Drooping Elm Leaf, you can use it to make practically anything you'd like, from wraps to scarves.

There are two different leaf motifs running through this pattern.

leaves design patterns

One creates the middle and side panels, while the other separates those panels with a diagonal design. The motif is designed so that you can keep repeating the motif to make the shawl as large as you'd like. There's more going on in this scarf than just the leaf motif.

There are also diamonds and a mock cable stitch. This is good practice for lace knitting since it is worked with fingering-weight yarn and a size 5 needle that's easier to practice with than smaller needles normally used with lace.

The designer points out that while most leaf stitches are flat, this one incorporates some texture to make it more unique. You can follow a chart or written instructions, and you'll need to have knowledge of basic lace techniques like slipping stitches, passing slipped stitches over, and yarn overs.

This open, airy cardigan will quickly become your go-to layering piece in spring and summer. Layer it over sundresses or keep it handy in the office for days when the air conditioning is blasting. The leaf lace pattern looks just as lovely in this cotton as it does in the usual wool. Sometimes a panel of leaves can be just as effective as an all-over leaf motif. This sweater is perfect for practicing the leaf motif since it's small. The designer has even paired this lace panel sweater with leaf-shaped buttons!

The leaves in this shawl are inspired by Estonian lace and doilies. There's even a small group of leaves gathered at the center neck of this triangle shawl.

Adjust the yarn weight and needle sizes for a larger or smaller shawl, depending on your preference. These leaves are shaped like hearts and run up the instep and leg of the sock.

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You'll need to know how to read a chart to stitch these socks. New to sock knitting? Check out Lucy Neatby's My First Socks class for a complete guide to knitting every part of the sock from cuff to toe. Inspired by the elongated leaves of the laurel tree, this cowl has a beautiful drape thanks to fingering-weight yarn. Your favorite sock yarn will work perfectly for this pattern. Instructions are included for shortening or lengthening the cowl so you can get just the right amount of warmth for your neck.

This cardigan is called convertible because of the many different ways to style it. The toggle buttons allow the cardigan to close with a V-neck or a boatneck, as you'll see in the designer's other photos.

It was fun, interesting, clear and packed with valuable information and tips. Learn for life!Photos are now available on Vecteezy! Prev 1 Next of Floral seamless pattern background. Vector Green Leaves Seamless Pattern. Ornate Seamless Leaf Pattern Vector. Dark Blue Background Vector Vector. Leaf Set Background. Floral seamless pattern. Vector design for different surfaces.

Leafy Lace Texture Vector. Outline Plants Pattern. Dark floral pattern background vector. Stevia Leaves Vector Seamless Patterns.

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Vector Leaf Seamless Pattern. Free Geometrical Leaves Vector. Seamless flower and leaves pattern. Soft Blue Pattern Set. Palm leaf pattern vector. Bamboo Leaves Pattern Vector. Green Leaf Background Vector. Seamless exotic pattern with palm leaves. Classic Vector Floral Background. Vector Summer Seamless Pattern.

Seamless Spring Leaves Background. Green Leaves Pattern - Vector. Spring leaves seamless pattern. Seamless Pattern Of Gingkgo. Free Background Daun Vector. Gingko Seamless Pattern Background. Pink Leaf Background Daun Vector. Free Leaves Background.

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Leaf Pattern Set. Pastel Floral Pattern set. Background Daun Seamless Patterns. Floral Patterned Backgrounds Vector Set. Texturas Background Vector.

Flowers and Leaves Quilting Designs

Pansy Color Pattern Background. Leaf Pattern Vector. Free Vector Ink Leaves Background. Seamless Leaf Background Vector.Read More If you have questions or offers to us, please write or call! Contact us Ukraine, Kryvyi Rih, Blukhera Str.

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Crochet Leaves Patterns. Crochet Mesh Leaf Design - Pattern Decorative White Leaf - Pattern Crochet Edged Lace Leaf Pattern Autumn Leaf Crochet Pattern - Diagram Leaf to Crochet Easy Pattern - Pattern Crochet Easy Leaf Motif - Pattern Simple Crochet Leaves - Crochet Motifs Crochet Lace Leaf - Pattern Crochet Leaf Pineapple Stitch - Pattern Lovely Crochet Flat Leaf - Pattern Chart Crocheted Leaf Pattern Green Crocheted Leaf Decoration - Pattern Crocheted Leaf for Advanced Beginners - Pattern Easy Diagram Crocheted Leaf - Pattern Crochet Diagram Lace Leaf - Pattern Quick and Easy Crochet Leaf - Pattern Easy to Crochet Leaf Pattern Crochet Trefoil Windmill Leaf Pattern Crochet Shamrock Leaf Pattern Crochet Leaf for Irish Lace Pattern Grey Nice Crochet Leaf Pattern Now that Fall is here and we are thinking about our Thanksgiving holiday I wanted to share with you some cute leaf patterns that I found.

They would be perfect for decorations in your own house or as a host gift for whomever you are sharing the holiday with.

12 Free Knit and Crochet Leaf Patterns

By clicking on one of these links and making a purchase a small portion will go to support the blog. The price you pay is not changed. Thank you for your support. Download the Caring Comfort Crochet Throw. Download the Autumn Leaves Wreath Pattern. Download the Maple Leaf Scrubby Pattern. Download the Maple Leaf Mittens Pattern. Download the Fall Leafy Banner Pattern. Download the Fall Maple Leaves Pattern. Download the Crochet Leaf Pattern.

Download the Fir Trees Cowl Pattern. Download the Fern Leaf Hat Pattern. Download the Small Lace Bag Pattern. Another one of those Christmas decorations that seems to get forgotten until the last minute…. Like this: Like Loading Just because it is warm outside…. Leave a Reply or Comment Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Last year when I published a roundup of my favorite fall leaf templates, I got several requests for maple leaf outlines.

I decided to make templates of various sizes.

leaves design patterns

My goal is to provide something for everyone. You can download each of the files below in PDF format…they print on a full size sheet of paper. The coolest thing about this maple leaf is that you can use it with the veins or simply use outline for a project. The uses are endless! My kids like to use this as a coloring page and fall themed garland.

My youngest loves to color these maple leaves as an indoor activity. My oldest two like to cut them out — the jagged edges make them a bit tricky! Medium Maple Leaf Patterns.

Hey there! I had some extra time today, so I created a super simple rainbow template you can use for all sorts of projects with little kids! I know these times are scary.

With schools closed and businesses laying off employees left and right, work and income are no longer a luxury many people can rely on. While my actual Keep Reading. I wish I had a picture to show you, but suffice to say it was beautiful with my purple Mary Janes. Keep Reading. You can make DIY projects at home at night, on the weekend, as you have time and sell them for profit! The best part about doing crafts for profit is that the Keep Reading.

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leaves design patterns

Home About Contact Disclosure.In the Yarn Garden. Crochet leaf patterns can be used for so many different projects both individually or in sets. Stitched together, they can make great bunting for decorating a party, classroom, or home. As motifs, they can be attached to hatsscarvespurses, and other accessories for a little bit of unique "pop. If you like to make the same pattern over and over, adding leaves in different colors is a great way to create a small change.

You can stick with the traditional or go more edgy, funky, and colorful in your designs.

15+ Leaf Patterns – PSD, AI, Vector, EPS

These free crochet patterns for leaves run the gamut of styles and applications. This beautiful long green leaf is made using basic crochet stitches including single crochet and double crochet. It is one of many beautiful pieces from YarnPlaza that can be used to make a stunning bouquet. In The Yarn Garden is the bilingual designer of this simple free crochet pattern for an easy leaf that isn't intended to look specifically like it came from any one type of tree.

This basic leaf design can be worked in every color of the rainbow to use in any season of the year. Pop one onto the corner of every blanket you make for a pretty and unique signature. Crochet wreath patterns don't always feature leaves but they certainly can. In this terrific example, we see a wreath of autumn-colored crochet leaves applied to a beautiful afghan square.

You could mix and match colors on many squares to create a stunning blanket. Button details add additional texture to this Ravelry pattern by Darlene Swaim. In this simple free crochet pattern, you begin with a foundation chain in one color to create the central vein of the leaf, then you switch colors in this case, darker or lighter green to work the leaves around both sides of that short foundation chain. The stitches are simple, although they do include taller crochet stitches like the double treble stitchand these little leaves by AYarnyRobin will work up quickly for addition to any project.

You also could make a bunch of these in a variety of colors and store them in a vase or glass jar for a pretty desktop display. There are just 20 rows to the chestnut leaf design in this free purse crochet pattern that Elaine Phillips offers through ABC Knitting Patterns.

If you are simply looking for a crochet leaf pattern, it's a great design and you could stop right there. But, of course, the felted autumn purse is a stunning accessory, and you might want to go on to create the entire thing. That is done by crocheting 20 individual leaves that are then strategically stitched together.

It's an amazingly detailed design. This large crochet leaf is worked first in the round and then later in rows to create the many lobes around the circle. It's a beautiful design for a large leaf that would make a great doily or wall art. You could work with bulky yarn and a larger hook and use the pattern to create a leaf-shaped blanket or floor rug.

Note that this free crochet pattern by Robootkomania is a symbol chart pattern, so you will have to know how to read crochet charts to complete the leaf.

The pattern does come with basic instructions for the first two rounds to give you a sense of the way the chart works, in case you just need a refresher. It is common to see crochet leaf patterns for oak leaves, acorn leaves, and maple leaves, but it is definitely not so common to find a pumpkin leaf crochet pattern. Kim Guzman has created one for us.

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It's a small three-round crochet pattern, but it gives you the opportunity to practice some fun stitches—foundation single crochet and extended single crochet. The Ohio buckeye leaf is another little design that is actually really fun to create. Designer Kate Graff explains that the leaf is made up of five petals in three different sizes, and she shares how to create each of them. Together they look almost like a flower in their own right.

Freehand Space-fillilng Patterns 5: Dense Leaf Design 2

Kate's free crochet pattern also includes the pattern for the buckeye nut. This easy free crochet pattern is worked using basic crochet stitches.

The placement of the stitches is what creates the terrific curving shape of the oak leaf. Crochet designer In The Yarn Garden offers this free leaf pattern in both English and Swedish and includes a detailed symbol chart to make it even more clear. Crochet Leaf.Embroidering leaves is a given when you do embroidery work.

All those floral designs come with leaves in all shapes and sizes. How would you stitch them? Which is your favorite method? Satin stitch is one of the most preferred way of filling leaf designs in embroidery. More details on the post Satin stitch.

The first leaf is divided into different segments and filled with Satin stitch while the second leaf is divided into half and filled, preferably in different shades of green. This is the preferred method when you have to give shading to the leaf. You can incorporate different shades of green in the same leaf with this stitch. For more details on this stitch check out the post — long and short stitch or needle painting. Any of the outline stitches like stem stitch or split stitch or chain stitch can be used to outline the leaf design in the way given above.

More on outline stitches here. Instead of using the outline stitch to give the outline it is used to fill the leaf design. Use less strands for more delicate look. Bullion stitch has wonderful texture and dimension and it can be used to represent the veins of the leaf as in the picture above.

18 Free Crochet Leaf Patterns for Every Season

If you do not know how to make the bullion knots check out the tutorial. You can use blanket stitch as an outline stitch.

leaves design patterns

Because of the textural effect of the stitch it is not suitable for all leaves. You can take a look at the 11 variations of blanket stitch here. Here the blanket stitch is made to face the outside of the design. It creates a thorn like look to the leaf and is suitable for some leaves.

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Herringbone stitch is very good filling stitch for leaves. It can be used for even large leaves or use it on the back of the fabric for a shadow embroidery effect. Look at the variations of the herringbone stitch here. With the granitos stitch, you can make simple small leaves. Check out the tutorial for granitos stitch here.

Simple straight stitches or even the fly stitch can be used to make these kind of leaves. I lied. Not any of the above but this particular stitch is the most preferred of all stitches for embroidering leaves. A very easy stitch but fills up the leaf design and make it look as authentic as a real life leaf.


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